Tool 5: The Leadership Preferences Survey

Hi, I’m Ted Fleming, author of “Develop: 7 Practical Tools to Take Charge of Your Career“. This series covers the seven tools I share in my book.

Tool five is the Leadership Preferences Survey. In my work with clients, I’ve identified four distinct styles for moving an organization forward.

The first is a vision-centered leader. They focus on communicating a compelling vision for where they want to take the organization.

The second is the customer-centered leader. They focus on creating products and services that meet client needs.

The third is an organization-centered leader. They focus on creating systems and processes that deliver results for clients.

And the final is the people-centered leader. They focus on investing in Talent to achieve the organization’s goals.

This knowledge is important in your career, so you can communicate your preferences to others. It allows you to build a diverse team that compliments your style.

So what style are you? Take the survey here.

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