Tool 6: Spheres of Influence

Hi, I’m Ted Fleming, author of “Develop: 7 Practical Tools to Take Charge of Your Career“. This series covers the seven tools I share in my book.

Tool six is the spheres of influence. I try to get clients to understand their organization has a perception of them, their industry has a perception of them, and the world has a perception of them. Your objective is, as you progress, you want to increase your spheres of influence.

In the beginning or earlier in your career, you’re just going to focus on your organization. Your goal is to master your role. As you progress and gain more knowledge, others will consult and then finally you’ll be considered a subject matter expert in your organization.

After you become a subject matter expert in your organization, now your industry starts to take notice. What you want to do is become an expert in the field, and then over time progress so that people see you as a Visionary in your industry.

And then finally, the world has a perception of you. In the beginning, they may see you as a regional influencer, then maybe a country influencer. And then when you’re at the top of the hill, the world sees you as an influencer.

So, I always work with clients and say where are you right now? And what are the steps you you can take to increase your spears of influence?

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