Tool 1: Job Exploration Summary

Hi, I’m Ted Fleming, author of “Develop: 7 Practical Tools to Take Charge of Your Career“. This series covers the seven tools I share in my book.

The first tool is the job exploration summary. I find that clients think too narrowly about job possibilities and this tool expands that thinking. It does this by focusing on three things: industry, company, and the role.

First, I ask clients to identify three industries they’re willing to explore.

Then, for each of those industries, identify three companies that they admire. This doesn’t mean you’re going to work for that company, but it paints a picture for people about the type of environment they’re looking for.

Finally, I ask them to identify three roles they’re interested in.

When you combine these three elements you’re able to paint a much clearer picture for others. It sounds something like this: you start with a role in an industry, and then the company. For example, “I’m interested in exploring marketing roles within the transportation industry for a company like Amtrak”.

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